HW Design

Consilia - Analog and Digital Hardware Development
Analog and Digital Hardware Development


Our team is able to develop a HW module in all its product phases:
  • predefinition phase (feasibility study for marketing purposes)
  • prototyping (simulations, schematic, PCB layout, communication with PCB producer and assembly house)
  • series production (testing)
  • phase-out (EOL components substitution)

Analog HW

Team with 18+ years of experience:
  • analog and RF hardware
  • competence in RF frontends for SDR platforms (up to 8GHz) including AD and DA converters
  • customized high-end solutions close to aero-space performance
  • high-performance oscillators which overcome the standard market products in performance/price ratio
  • our lab owns RF generators, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes

Digital HW

Extensive experience:
  • Xilinx and Intel (Altera) FPGA portfolios including VHDL design
  • Our team is used to create a PCB with debugging capabilities including standard interfaces (e.g. JTAG)
  • In the near past we successfully developed series products containing PCIexpress, 10Gb Ethernet, DDR3/4, USB 3.1, JESD204
  • Long-term experience with standard communication interfaces like SPI, I2C etc.

Applications Areas

Our services cover the following areas:
  • Automotive
  • Embedded solutions
  • IoT communication
  • RF and wireless communication
  • Networking and Basestations

Design Tools

Main design tools used during the development:
  • Cadence Allegro, Mentor Expedition, Altium
  • LTcad
  • Version control - svn, git, JIRA


Rohde & Schwarz
Measurement Devices, Air Traffic Control
TETRA Network Base-Stations
100G Ethernet Solutions
Mobile Network Solutions
Automotive Lighting
IoT, Safety Products, Aerospace


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